Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Learning VS Studying

Studyin Vs Learning

We are often confused and want to know the difference between the two words, Learning and Studying. We often misunderstand that learning and studying are one and the same thing. To be accurate we should know that there is quite a lot of difference between these two similar words even though they complement each other in certain scenarios. We will dig deeper into the topic and check out where the difference lies in this article.

We can say that if we want to study something, we are actually trying to learn the given subject. For example we can say that I want to learn history by studying about it. Here we can say that both the words learning and studying are interrelated as one complements the other. We can say that we have to study something in order to learn it or we have to learn something by studying about it.

However sometimes there are situations where we don’t study in order to learn something. A good example for the above statement would be “ I want to learn how to fly a plane by actually getting down to the nitty gritty of flying the plane either in simulation mode or in the real aircraft. Another example would be “ I want to learn French by actually hearing people speak in that language and practicing it. Here we saw how the words Learning and studying did not complement each other. When children want to learn their first language, they are not required to study it in order to learn it.

Here are two more examples where we can elaborate more on the difference between studying and learning. We can say “ I am studying German in order to pass in my exams” or “ I am learning French so that I can speak with foreigners”.

We can also say that “Studying at a school means going to a school” We cannot say that “we are studying at a school because we study at a school.

A good example for the differentiation would include Geography as a subject. We cannot say that I am learning geography as we are studying the various maps in the world by actually seeing the maps and the location of places in the world.

In the example of music also we can clearly see the distinction between these two words. When we are learning to play a musical instrument, we are not learning it by studying but playing the instrument and practicing it. There are situations where we study music In order to learn it by studying the different musical notes after we have gained some experience in playing an instrument.

We saw in the above article how learning and studying can sometimes be total different entities, whereas sometimes they complement each other according to the subject involved. Sometimes we have to learn something by studying it while other times we study something in order to learn it.